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Welcome to our urban style online shop

You will find a wide array of skate shoes and other products designed for all men and women who are passionate about the urban style, and who always want to be up to date with the latest fashion. As urban style lovers ourselves, we have decided to open this online shop in order to offer street wear lovers a comprehensive list of products that is easy to navigate and that contains a variety of products - enough to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

There are two things we are passionate about: shoes and people who love streetwear. This is why we are committed to constantly improving our products and services, just to make sure that our clients get the best value for their hard worked money. Our customer service department is always ready to answer your questions related to shipping and orders, and we are constantly updating the products. We are madly in love with sportswear and we are truly passionate about what we do - it goes without saying that we cherish and respect each one of our customers, and we are dedicated to helping you find the items that best represent you, your preferences, your style and your uniqueness as an individual. For any questions or for professional assistance in choosing the right clothing or footwear for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us - we would be more than thrilled to help!

Shopping online has several notable benefits over shopping in a classic, brick-and-mortar store, and perhaps the most obvious one is that you can purchase the desired pair or street shoes in a fast and effortless manner, from the privacy of your own home. You have thousands of products at your fingertips - literally! Besides this, finding the desired item online often saves you a lot of time, money and trouble. We have designed a very simple and straightforward

Why Buy Sneaker Online At Our Shop?

If you are passionate about urban wear and streetwear, then it has certainly happened to you at least once to go out looking for a specific product, just to realize that your size or desired color was not available. Fortunately, buying shoes and other streetwear online has never been easier, as you can order the desired item and have it delivered right at your doorstep, within several working days. No matter if you are looking for the ultimate Adidas Originals trainers or you want to wear the most "en vogue" t-shirt in the hood, we have everything you need, from A to Z! Just name it and we will make sure to bring it to you, in a timely and effortless fashion.

These items are more than urban fashion, as every pair of shoes and every brand has its own story, one that is worth listening to. For instance, the Nike Air MAx (one of Nike's most popular and best sold line of shoes) was inspired by the shock absorbers found in high-end cars, such as the Formula One race cars. The advanced anti-shock technology embedded in these shoes now allows users to enjoy the ultimate comfort and breathability!

What Do We Have To Offer?

At our online sports footwear and street fashion shop, we take the sense of style of our customers very seriously, this is why we provide them with a plethora of different brands to choose from. That being said, here is a brief overview of some of the most reputable brands you can choose from:


On the other hand, if you are into skateboarding and you are looking for the ultimate pair of skate shoes, shoes that are lightweight to improve your skating skills yet sturdy and durable enough to last in the long run, then have a look at some of the most popular skate shoe brands that we sell at our online shop:

 Vans shoes;
 Globe skate shoes;
 Kids skate shoes from Element;
 Osiris Shoes

Taking the Globe skate shoes as an example, it must be said that this type of sports footwear is particularly popular amongst teenagers and young adults who want to take their skating skills a mile further. Founded back in 1994, Globe International Limited has quickly managed to make a name for itself in the sports industry by designing and selling a wide range of high-end skateboarding shoes, at prices for all pockets.

In addition to this, the Osiris Shoes skate shoe company is yet another sought-after brand that was founded back in 1996, and that has quickly become one of the most trusted leaders in the skateboard industry. Specialising in professionally designed and endorsed footwear, the shoes by Osiris are aimed both at beginners and at professional skaters who know that part of their performance is given by the quality and the overall comfort of their shoes.

Urban streetwear is a very distinctive and original style of street fashion, and it has originated in the skate and surf culture of the West Coast, more than two decades ego. At the time being, the notion of "street wear" is so complex that it encompasses different fashion styles and trends, from the modern Haute couture culture to the hip hop fashion, the rap fashion as well as the Japanese street fashion and some subtle elements of punk and pop.

The brands that specialise in street wear clothing and footwear have adapted their products according to the ever-changing trends in the industry, but the influences have widely remained the same. At the time being, there are tens of established fashion and sportswear brands that have build their reputation on street clothing, and the renowned Adidas or Nike are only two of them. Other popular brands in this industry are Billabong, Element as well as Carhartt.

In addition to the hip hop, rap and punk music culture influences that have certainly left their print on the early urban streetwear style, sports superstars such as Michael Jordan have played a pivotal role as well. As a matter of fact, the sports industry and the hip hop music have somewhat fueled the world-renowned rivalry between Adidas and Nike, the latter dominating the urban clothing and footwear market in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s.

Buy Streetwear Clothing At Our Online Shop - Quickly And Without The Hassles!
At our online shopping store, we take great pride of selling womens streetwear and mens streetwear clothing and footwear of the highest quality - this is why we will never make any compromise in terms of customer satisfaction. As a renowned and trustworthy fashion retailer inspired by the urban and casual styles that have become increasingly popular over the past few years, we truly believe that the clothing and the footwear we offer are specifically designed to reflect your belief, your taste and your personal style. Be like no other and start expressing your originality today!

Express your individuality, your uniqueness and your personal preferences in terms of lifestyle, sports and music through out collection of quality street fashion clothing and sports shoes, and you will surely come back for more. Here, we have never followed any trends or mainstream fashion styles - instead of doing that, we have always encouraged our customers to create their own style that best represents them.

We believe in diversity - no matter if you are committed to wearing one particular brand of casual and urban clothing and footwear, or if you want to combine different elements and styles from different brands, here is what we have in store for you:

High quality and original sneakers and clothing from Adidas, including Adidas Originals trainers;
 Clothing and skateboarding shoes from Billabong;
 Stylish and comfortable kids skate shoes from Element;
 Zoo York;
 Ecko unltd.

Enjoy Our Variety Of Payment Methods

One of the joys of buying trainers, mens streetwear, womans streetwear, board shorts for men vans shoes and other quality urban or sports clothing and footwear is the fact that you have a variety of payment methods to choose from. This way, you can opt for the most convenient one for you! We know how important it is to help our customers feel at ease and comfortable all the time, this is why we have invested in the safety and security of our website. We take the privacy and the safety of your personal information very seriously, as this is a crucial aspect that every online shopper that uses a credit card is concerned of - this is why you can rest assured, knowing that we have a TrustedShops certification.

The TrustedShops certification is the leading seal of approval that applies to online shops all across Europe, and it consists of a thorough rating system as well as advanced buyer protection for consumers. This is basically the trustmark that applies to buyer protection, and we are very proud to have obtained it, as this guarantees that you can now order online with all the confidence.

That being said, our payment methods include online payment via credit card (we accept Visa cards and Mastercard), bank transfers, payments via Amazon, Billpay as well as Paypal. At the time being, Paypal payments are amongst the most common ones, given the fact that they are user-friendly, straightforward and time-effective. All you have to do is to select the desired items and then use the desired payment method when you check out.

If you need any assistance or help with paying online, do not hesitate to contact our customer support department and our friendly support team will be there for you. We would also be thrilled to offer you useful advice and tips on how to choose the clothing or footwear that best reflects your personal style or best fits your favorite sport, be it skateboarding, tennis, basketball or football.